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Schedule for Friday

09:00 - 09:30Arrival – tea and coffee

09:30 - 09:40 – Welcome by Bob Cooke

09:40 - 10:30 – Keynote speaker

Margot Sunderland

The Journey “Childhood to Adulthood”  From a Developmental Focus

This audio-visual presentation will cover the latest research on how what happens relationally  in childhood for better or worse plays out very powerfully decade later. The long-term impact of supportive parenting will be explored, as will the long-term impact of adverse childhood experiences. This will lead into the addressing of intervention and prevention with child clients and with adult clients and the supporting of schools and communities to make life long changes through therapy thinking, empathic and playful, always of relating and conversations that matter 

10:30 - 11:00 – Refreshments

11:00 - 13:00 – Morning Workshops


Kathryn Hardy

“Traumatic Stress”

Critical incidents are determined by how they undermine our sense of safely, security and competency, regardless of the type of incident.

Traumatic events can stir up other unresolved issues, which are consequently more disturbing for the client due to their personal significance.

In the workshop, participants will learn how to gain an understanding of traumatic impact and how to provide appropriate support for clients in the event of crisis.

Bio: Kathryn Hardy is in private practice in Manchester. She has many years experience as an integrative counsellor working with groups and individuals.

As a trauma counsellor and stress management trainer she has worked with personnel of many organisations in the corporate and statutary sectors.

She works regularly as an on-call trauma counsellor, providing crisis intervention support in the event of critical incident and for accident and injury cases within a legal context.


Sandra & John Wilson

How to Ethically Manage & Market Your Practice in a Digital World

Managing and marketing a counselling practice has changed dramatically with the arrival of cloud computing and social networks. In this workshop we will outline principles that will help you stay ethically sound while leveraging current technologies to make sure your practice is efficient and well publicized.

Bio: Sandra Wilson has worked in large organisations, have been self employed and I am currently completing my degree in business studies. My learning style is deeply interactive and very relational which is what I have brought to onlinevents. I love being active on the Social Media platforms and manage the Social Media presence for onlinevents, in these events I will be sharing my learning around this very powerful way to connect and communicate.

Bio: John Wilson is a counselor in private practice in West Lothian and online, trains counselors at Temenos and helps practitioners stay up to date with current learning via John is passionate about the ethical use of technology to deepen relationships and expand the empathic capacity of the human race.


Gregor Zvelc

Transacional Analysis and Attachment

Attachment theory is becoming common theoretical framework for different psychotherapy approaches. In the workshop we will explore what transactional analyst's can learn from attachment theory. Participants will explore their attachment style and attachment styles of their clients. We will focus on ways of working with different attachment styles with specific focus on transference-countertransference issues, ego states and script issues.   

Bio: Assoc. prof. Gregor Žvelc, is clinical psychologist, Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst and International Integrative Psychotherapy Trainer & Supervisor (IIPA). He is assoc. prof. at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology and University of Primorska, UP FAMNIT, Slovenia. He is co-editor of International Journal of Integrative Psychotherapy and author of the book: Developmental Theories in Psychotherapy.


Lin Cheung  & Andy Williams.

TA and Object Relations – the development of the self.

This is a workshop for practitioners who have experience in working with clients and who are interested in exploring theory about the unconscious.  

In this session we will look at key concepts in object relations theory about the development of the self.   We will then consider perspectives on these ideas from transactional analysis. This will be a discussion based workshop.


Bio: Lin Cheung PTSTA (P) CTA (P) MSC Psychotherapy

Lin has a private supervision and therapy practice in Wilmslow and Buxton.  She is interested in relational theory and its application in psychotherapy supervision and training. She has presented workshops at regional and national conferences and has contributed to The Transactional Analyst, magazine of UK Association of TA. Lin is Co Director of the TA Training Organisation.

Bio: Andy Williams TSTA(P), MA, CTA(P), MBACP (Snr. Accred), BABCP (Accred.)

Andy is a Co-Director of the TA Training Organisation and he is passionate about training and supervision, and seeing the individual practitioner develop with greater awareness of self.  He has worked for many years in the NHS as well as in Private Practice.  He has presented at regional and national TA conferences and is currently studying an MSc. in Clinical Supervision.


Margot Sunderland

Workshop  Conversations that Matter with Troubled Teenagers 

Margot Sunderland will draw on key principles from her latest book “ Conversations that Matter” to demonstrate how to connect with troubled teenagers for effective change.  Different ways of conveying empathy will be explored using ‘ the third thing in the room’ namely 'Big Empathy Drawings', sandplay, empty chair, puppets.

Bio: Director of Education and Training, The Centre for Child Mental Health London, Senior Associate Royal College of Medicine, Founding Director, The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, psychotherapist for over 30 years. Author of over twenty books  (child mental health) translated into 18 languages/ published in 24 countries. 17 years of research on the neuroscience of adult- child relationships.


13:00 - 14:00 – Lunch

14:00 - 17:00 – Afternoon Workshops (15.30-15.50 mid workshop break and refreshments)

Lydia Noor

I’ve only got five minutes! Therapeutic tasters to nourish a school environment

Abstract of the workshop:

Schools are busy environments where time is a limited commodity. Many staff want to offer a compassionate and effective response to a pupil in emotional turmoil.  If, as therapists we could request ‘just five minutes’ to pass on a therapeutic concept or idea, pose a question, or suggest an activity, then our numerous ‘nudges’ can bring about significant cultural change.  However, our interventions need to spring from a coherent theoretical framework.

Bio: Lydia Noor, UKCP, Cert Ed, MA

I am an integrative psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer working in the East Riding of Yorkshire.   After a first career as a teacher, for the last fifteen years I have worked at the interface of therapy and education, developing training in Therapeutic Skills for Schools.  My commitment is to challenge and enrich the culture, policies and practices of schools, so that they provide a more containing and supportive environment for both learners and adults.  


Joanna Hewitt Evans and Kathleen Carroll.

Understanding affect regulation when working with children and young people: Both our own and the child’s

This workshop will explore the importance of affect regulation in work with children and young people - ours and theirs.   As relational beings our ability to manage affect -  or not - is linked to our earliest experiences  with the other and at the core of our development.

As therapists we need to understand how we can soothe and regulate ourselves and how we can support our young clients and their parents to do the same.  Drawing on work by Jim Kepner, Daniel Siegal and Dan Hughes the workshop will include theoretical exploration, experiential exercise and ideas and  techniques in relation to direct work with children and young people.

Bio: Joanna Hewitt Evans,  MA  Gestalt Psychotherapist UKCP, EAIP Integrative Psychotherapist is director of EUROCPS,  the European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies founded by the late Ken Evans.   She is vice chair external relations, EIATSCYP and a visiting trainer on  psychotherapy training programmes  in several countries in Europe. She has a particular interest in the links between shame, attachment, trauma and affect regulation.  Prior to becoming a psychotherapist Joanna's background was in therapeutic social work with children and families and she spent many years managing projects related to abuse.  Family and friends, children and grandchildren, biological, step and adopted are central to her life.

Bio: Kathleen Carroll is a Registered Independent Senior Social Work Practitioner, Therapist and Children’s Advocate. Kathleen has a particular interest in therapy with children and also Children’s Rights. She currently works freelance as a Child and Family Therapist in an Adoption Agency, and as an Advocate with children and young people in the care system,  ensuring that their voices are heard in matters that affect them. She has a private therapeutic practice in the North East of England where she works with adults and children. Kathleen is an experienced trainer particularly in the areas of therapeutic skills, communication and Children’s Rights and has a particular interest in affect regulation and trauma.


Mo Felton

THE IDENTITY MATRIX: Rigidity, reflection and integration in a postmodern world.

In this workshop I will illustrate an integration of several TA and other modality theories into a map and tool for personal and professional development.

Influenced by the neuroscientist Dan Siegel and closely linked to the writing of Brene Brown The Identity Matrix facilitates an understanding of the dynamics of child development,  needed parenting,  and current options for intervention and healing for all ages.

There will be space for exploring case studies and personal reflection.

Bio: Mo Felton MSc. (TA Psych.) TSTA (P) CTA (P)

Mo trained originally with Relate Marriage Guidance and has worked for 35 years with families children and young people in care. She is a consultant to a children’s home and a residential school where she provides assessment training and supervision for staff teams. Mo has developed an integrative tool for TA “The Identity Matrix” which has been published in The Transactional Analyst and as a chapter on TA in Restorative Theory in Practice edited by Belinda Hopkins and published by Jessica Kingsley. She also runs a busy private practice in Polesworth, Tamworth.


Enid Welford

The past casts a long shadow.

We are born and develop within our family context, and those who nurture us have also been shaped by previous generations. Ancestral shadows can affect our growth and development from infancy to adulthood.

This workshop will be an exploration of how the impact of trauma can be passed down the generations and the compromises made by children to manage this. We will consider approaches to resolving the intergenerational shadow and bringing light into the family system.  I will use theory from TA, the principles and practice of Family Constellations, and Trauma Constellations.

The workshop will include some teaching, experiential exercises and some demonstration.  

Bio: Enid Welford TSTA(P) is a trainer, supervisor and psychotherapist based in South Manchester.

She worked in a criminal justice agency with mentally disordered offenders, where she encountered highly disturbed family systems. She has researched the interface between TA and Family Constellations with fellow trainer Jane McQuillin. Together they co authored a TAJ article on the subject of constellations and groups. Enid wrote a later article on the usefulness of a Constellations approach to grief.


May Senior-Johnson

Growing Up Again

Jean Illsley Clark in her book Growing Up Again suggests that if we missed out growing up first time around we may replay time and time again certain behaviours  which don’t work to attempt to achieve this.  If your client is in a joyless life, or they believe they have to do everything themselves, and start things but don’t finish then, this workshop will be interesting for you.  We will discuss this aspect

of adulthood and recycling and what we can do about it with our clients.  We may even learn about ourselves too.

Bio: May Senior-Johnson, Alliance Psychotherapy Training & Supervision

I am married, 25 years next year, I have two children, Keith 17 who lives at home just finishing his ‘A’ Levels,  and Lize 23 who works as a teaching assistant and lives not far from home sharing a house with a friend.  I love cycling even when it rains and I am in a group who go out every Wednesday.  I am the youngest in the group the eldest is 83 and she is an inspiration to me.  We travel between 30-60 miles each week and she is very fit.  I also love my holidays abroad and try to balance free time with work.  

Work is a Psychotherapy and Supervision practice in Bowdon.  I completed an MSc in Transactional Analysis and I am UKCP and ITA registered.  I became a PTSTA a year after I qualified.   I am a senior trainer at a local training institute where I have worked for a number of years.  I have a wide range of skills;  Computing, Marketing, Photography, Sales to name a few.  For the last 3 years have been on the Chester Conference Committee for the organisation of the Chester Conference.  I enjoyed all of my time on this committee and was sad to recently retire due to new commitments.   I enjoy my work and feel passionate about Transactional Analysis.  I joined the ITA council to help achieve its objects and one I am particularly interested in is “advance the public generally with regard to the study, theory and practice of Transactional Analysis”.   I also feel passionate about what is happening in terms of legislation and want to be active in the promotion of TA in the UK especially now.


17:00 – end